Toyota Nato B6 Land Cruiser

Discreetly armoured Cross-Country vehicle. High level Protection System B6
according to European CEN Classification. NATO – Class B6

New-Toyota Land Cruiser GX Station Wagon, 5 Seater - 4x4 LHD,
Model: HZJ105L-GNMNS

General Specifications

(For use in extreme climatic and physical conditions)

Engine Model: 1HZ - 4164cc, Diesel (Tank 95l), 6 cylinders, BHP: 129, KW: 96. Heavy Duty Cooling (Water), 12 Volts.
Transmission: 5 speed, Dual Range Brakes: Front: Disc, Rear: Drum
Tyres: Radial. Front: 235/85R16LT T/L Rear: 235/85R16LT T/L. Steel rims.
Suspension: Heavy duty. Front: Coil, Rear: Coil
Seats: 5 Seater. Front: 1+1 Separate, Rear: 3 Bench, Transverse. Material: Fabric
No of Doors: 5
Wheelbase: LWB 2850 mm, Ground clearance: 230 mm
Dimensions: Length: 4890mm, Width: 1940mm, Height: 1925mm, Volume 18.3m3, all excluding accessories.
Colour: White
Country of Origin: Japan

Standard Features include: Air Conditioning (non-CFC), Cyclone and pre-cleaner type air cleaner, 70 amp alternator (12v), Full-floating rear axle 70 amp-hour battery (12v), Brake control valve (Load Sensing Pressure Valve), Engine oil cooler.
Double fuel filter, 50 litre extra fuel tank, High altitude compensator, Power steering, Fuel tank and transfer box protection, Front and rear accessory power outlet (12v)

General description
Full passenger cabin armouring starting from engine bay backwards to rear partition wall with ballistic glass to luggage area. The armouring is carried out following the principles of unspectacular and neutral external appearance.

High Level Protection System: EURO norm DIN EN 1063 / EN 1522&1523 to defeat attacks with handguns and military rifles.

Opaque Armour

  • -- cal. 7,62 mm: 7,62 AK-47, bullet 7,62 x 39 mm, FMJ Fe-core;
  • -- cal. 5,56 mm; US M-16 rifle, bullet 5,56 x 45 mm FJ/PB/SCP
  • -- cal. 7,62 mm; NATO rifle, bullet 7,62 x 51 mm FJ/PB/SC

Transparent Armour

  • -- cal. 7,62 mm: 7,62 AK-47, bullet 7,62 x 39 mm, FMJ Fe-core;
  • -- cal. 5,56 mm; US M-16 rifle, bullet 5,56 x 45 mm FJ/PB/SCP
  • -- cal. 7,62 mm; NATO rifle, bullet 7,62 x 51 mm FJ/PB/SC


  • Ballistic steel
  • Technical fiber
  • Multi-layer glass PC Laminate

Multi-layered glass and additional PC laminate anti-spall protection level B6 - impact angle 90°: The transparencies retain their original curvature and are conforming to the original size of the openings.
Windshield (1 pcs.), front doors screen- left and right (2 pcs.), rear doors screen - left and right (2 pcs), bulkhead wall glass app 1200 mm x 300 mm

Opaque Areas
Special armouring providing full protection of all parts of the vehicle designed to safe-guard the driver and the passengers against high level multi-impact ballistic assault and / or hand-grenade attack with modern military weapons.

  • Roof: Level B6 -impact angle 45°, Doors: Level B6 -impact angle 90°, Columns: Overlap and Spall-return. Level B6 -impact angle 90°
  • Front: Level B6 -impact angle 90°, Partition wall: Level B6 -impact angle 90°

Gap overlap and spall return designs; all fixing methods in compliance with the anti blast and anti-spall design.

Floor protection
The vehicle floor protection by an anti-spall aramid matting (simultaneous detonation of app. 2 pcs.
DM 51 high fragmentation hand-grenades).

Material Testing: All protective materials were tested and certified by independent German Governmental ballistic laboratories.

Chassis: Comprehensive chassis modifications enable the vehicle to carry the additional weight of the armouring.

Hinges reinforced
All original door hinges have been replaced with specially designed reinforced strengthened heavy-duty door hinges and additional shocker to support door-opener and limiter. These hinges will hold the additional opaque and transparent armour features incorporated into the vehicle's doors.

Special equipment included
Intercom system, Electric driver’s window, Battery protection, Dark tinted security glasses rear

Add-On equipment (priced separately)

  • Add-On 1: Run-flat system for 16” rims with a distance app. 15 km to continue driving (4wheels)
  • Add-On 2: Turbo kit for Toyota 1HZ engine: app. 125 kW @ 3200 / 390 Nm @ 2000

All additional equipment will be priced separately.

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