About Us


SSI is operated by an international group of senior executives with many years experience of dealing with secure environments and the protection of Royalty, Government officials, Business Leaders and HNW-VIP’s. Our experiences cover every continent of the world and most situations that can pose a security risk to the people for whom we seek to provide protection and security support services.


SSI provides a complete range of security equipment and services including Land and Sea Border Protection systems, sophisticated Vehicle, Asset or Personal (e.g. anti-kidnap) Tracking systems, VIP Close Protection, Electronic Detection services (e.g. sweeps to ensure your office or home is not bugged) and the latest mobile phones equipped with encryption chips which “scramble” all your calls to similar phones. We also maintain close contact with approved armoured and “stretch” vehicle builders with particular expertise in Mercedes Benz, Maybach, R-R/Bentley, Jaguar, Range Rover and Toyota Land-Cruiser and other “border” patrol type vehicles.

The main areas of vulnerability for most VIP’s are when they travel, in the home or office or at a venue at a time and day that the terrorist can obtain information about from public records.

Travelling can pose a risk because if the terrorist knows where you are he can place car-bombs along the routes you are most likely to take and blow the cars up as you drive past – while he is probably at a vantage point some distance away and detonating the bomb via mobile-phone or radio transmissions. Equally, your assassin could attempt to plant a bomb under or in the bodywork of your vehicle.

You may not be a target for assassination but perhaps have enemies in Government or business rivals anxious to learn any intelligence about your dealings, commercial or personal affairs or those you meet or speak with. There are many forms of electronic surveillance that can be used against you and many ways you can detect such intrusions into your life.

Use Security Strategies International for your security and peace of mind.