Vapour Detector

Unmatched Vapour Detection Sensitivity At Your Fingertips

Designed for on-the-spot answers, this hand-held sniffer is light enough (7lb/3.2kg) for tireless, all-day operation, yet versatile enough for the optimal detection of a wide range of contraband.

It can "sniff" vapour samples for traces of contraband as well as analyse invisible particles collected in "sample traps" swiped over skin, baggage, vehicles, containers, tickets or ID cards. Swiping works well for detecting heroin, marijuana and PETN, while vapour analysis is more effective for dynamite, nitroglycerin and methamphetamine.

Trace detection technology makes use of the minute amounts of vapours given off and the microscopic particles left behind when narcotics and explosives contraband are packaged and handled.

For the case of vapour detection, the portable, handheld analyser "sniffs" the air around the openings of closed compartments, containers or packages suspected of concealing contraband. The analyser then identifies the contraband substance and its relative alarm strength. Again, as with the particle analyser, both visual and audible indications are provided, and the analysis can be stored and later printed for use as court-accepted evidence.

Product Highlights

Detects all common narcotics and explosives

Unprecedented particle and vapour sensitivity in a handheld unit

Front desorption unit raises particle sampling efficiency

Extended range of detection includes TATP, barbitals and amphetamine sulfate

Works well in dust and humidity

Reusable sample traps compatible with Itemiser3

Extremely lightweight (7 lbs/3.2 kg)

115/230 VAC, 12 VDC cigarette lighter adapter, 90-min battery, 6-hour battery pack

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