Customised Secure Premises


In alliance with the Secure-One team, SSI has over 20 years’ experience of designing, installing and maintaining security systems in all types of commercial and industrial premises. The quality of our products, workmanship and customer service is recognized throughout the security industry. Accredited by NACOSS (the National Approval Council for Security Systems) and NICEIC (the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting), we are also full members of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and as such our work is best in class as well as being fully covered be the ECA performance bonds and guarantees.

Our unquestioned professionalism promises total reassurance and complete peace of mind. Our service is also friendly; we happily give specialist advice, a free site survey and, if you wish, a quotation – all without any obligation on your part.

We offer a range of systems to protect your site, tailor made to suit your business’s needs. An SSI-Secure One director will supervise your installations from initial enquiry through to final handover, taking all aspects of Health and Safety into account. It won’t just stop there: to ensure your system remains reliable we can offer you a comprehensive, customised maintenance plan with preventative system check visits and around the clock callout support.

Intruder Alarms & CCTV

Reliable Systems
We use the very latest control equipment and detection devices giving system flexibility and ease of use. Our family of control equipment caters for all sizes of building, operated by multiple codes or personal key fobs and giving individual detector identification.

Furthermore, because we’re accustomed to dealing with insurance companies on almost a daily basis, we will ensure your system – in addition to meeting the precise needs of your site and business – matches insurers’ requirements too.

If your premises are unmanned out of hours then remote monitoring could be the solution. Our remote central station has instant links with the emergency services, enabling a fast response to any activation. It’s capable of controlling and monitoring your site’s security system when your staff has left for the night or weekend. The central station can, for example, view pictures from your CCTV system, controlling pan or tilt cameras to patrol the site, activate lighting and pre-recorded voice warning messages or even speak to the site via a public address system.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
The introduction of CCTV to city centres, prestige residential and office towers and public places has proved a huge security success. The corresponding increased demand for CCTV equipment has led to both rapid technological advances and lower prices, making it now genuinely affordable.

We design colour and monochrome systems to suit both the needs of your site and your operations. Whether it’s to assist your manned guarding personnel on site or transmitting live pictures to a remote station, at SSI-Secure One we have the answers. CCTV will provide your business with a remarkably effective and cost-efficient deterrent against crime.

Security Lighting
Having an extremely well lit building is not only a proven, cost-effective deterrent against crime; it’s also a valuable amenity. Lighting contributes to the safety of your staff and can enhance the appearance of your site, as well as providing the appropriate lighting levels for your CCTV system.

We will design a lighting scheme using the latest and most appropriate equipment, taking into account your site conditions and requirements to deliver the best solution.

Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting
The ever-present threat of fire is every business’s worst fear. The loss of your trading premises, a warehouse full of stock, damage to a production line, could cost a business everything. SSI-Secure-One design and install fire protection systems that are based on the very latest and best technology in the market place and which comply with all the statutory requirements. Together with emergency lighting this enhances the safety of your personnel in a fire situation.

Access Control
We design and install all types of electronic access control from single-door to PC-based multi-door installations for large office and residential blocks and industrial sites.

The more sophisticated systems not only prevent unauthorized external access but can also, using swipe or proximity cards, control and monitor the internal movements of personnel, too. Used in conjunction with Windows-compatible communications software, such systems can enable a company to centrally administer access privileges over many different locations almost instantaneously.

Our access control systems permit access to be managed in a series of hierarchical layers throughout an organization and are, importantly, simple both to operate and to reconfigure, allowing for quick and easy accommodation of any personnel changes.

Perimeter Protection and Power Fencing
No matter how complex the layout of your premises, we will tailor and install protective fencing to your exact requirement. Advanced perimeter detection, e.g. using state of the art vibration sensors, and electric power fencing systems – suitable for both manned and un-manned sites – can be designed on a stand-alone basis, or integrated into existing security systems.

Traffic Control Systems
The control of the flow of traffic, whether it’s by foot or vehicle, is an important aspect of security to any business or residential site. To stop the unwanted and control the authorised there are a number of options that will ensure your site remains secure.

For example we install rising arm traffic barriers, electric sliding and swing gates, pedestrian gates or turnstiles. All these products can be integrated into a larger security control system, or operate on a stand-alone basis or as part of a multi-entry access system, ensuring complete control of access onto and off your site.

Integrated Systems
Our integrated management systems can include fire and intruder alarms, CCTV, access control, protective fencing and security lighting. Linking them into a central Windows-compatible computerised system will increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of your security. It can also help improve response times in the event of an emergency – for example if a fire alarm is activated, the system would be programmed to automatically release all access controlled doors, enabling speedy and safe evacuation of the premises.

Maintenance: Non-Stop Protection
To guarantee that your system will deliver the protection you require at all times, it’s vital to keep it in good working order. That’s why we believe regular, planned maintenance to be an essential element of our service.


Our maintenance plans can be tailor made to suit both the type and operation of your site – from a simple annual preventive visit to a fully inclusive parts and labour contract. We can also provide a fully trained, experienced security system engineer 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, so in the unlikely event that your system breaks down, we’ll be on hand to put it right.

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