Enigma Encrypted Phone

Enigma provides strong end-to-end encryption for voice communication on the standard GSM networks using the raw data-service capabilities of the GSM network and state-of-the-art cryptographic technology.

The hardware and software components of Enigma have been built to meet the most stringent government and military security requirements.

Enigma operates either as a normal mobile phone or securely with other Enigma units or landlines equipped with LineCrypt

Stylish, easy to use and despite being one of the lightest models on the market Enigma is ideal for everyday business use.

Why Enigma?

The GSM system is a superb communication system for all - the world over.  It does however have well-publicised weaknesses that make it inappropriate for exchanging confidential or sensitive information.

Conventional GSM calls can be monitored or infiltrated by readily available surveillance equipment.  End-to-end security is not provided, nor is it possible to authenticate the individual with which you are in contact.  ‘Middle Man Attack’ from false base stations are a real threat, as is the cloning of SIM cards.

At the IEEE "Secure Mobile Communications Conference" in Sept 2005, it was announced that the cost of the equipment required to simulate a base station and intercept a conversation while relaying it to the intended party had dropped to under £5000.  Consequently, this ability is no longer confined to the budgets of governments and large organisations - Almost anyone could be listening.

You talk.......Who is really listening?

Total security

Enigma eliminates these problems. The encryption system, designed in association with their cryptographic partners in Germany, has been verified in the field over many years. The system is designed to rigorous ITSEC standards.

What’s more, the phone’s all-important second SmartCard is totally tamper-proof, and the keys are guaranteed by our Certification Authority to be unique and secret.

Total simplicity

To make a secure call with the Enigma, all you have to do is dial the number and press the "Crypto" button. And since you can only make encrypted calls to other Enigma, the system is totally secure.

[Product Image]

Enigma will work on all GSM 1800/900 mobile communication networks.  It has the hallmarks of a business mobile phone. When these are combined with its integrated encryption system it becomes the superior business product. 

There is no need for a second mobile phone. Enigma is as happy making normal calls as it is secure calls. 

Enigma is not tied to any specific network, it uses your existing mobile telephone number for both normal and secure calls.

Secure calls cost exactly the same as normal data calls, while connection times require only an extra 7 seconds for initialisation of the encryption algorithms.
From the network perspective, a crypto call would be seen as a normal data/modem/fax call.

Pioneering technology

Enigma technology is based around two internal SmartCards.  The "GSM SIM", delivers standard GSM services. The other, issued by a globally recognised Trust Centre, delivers powerful authentication and encryption using established and open protocols.  This is known as the Crypto-SIM or Netkey card.

Pioneering design merges these two technologies to create a unique, unbreakable ‘cypher key’ for each and every call – providing failsafe point-to-point authentication and unbreachable privacy.

The crypto-system employed is a hybrid mechanism, which is a widely accepted and implemented in many high security products.  The Enigma achieves full bi-directional authentication with with the secret keys held securely in, and never leaving, the safe environment of the Netkey/TCOS card.

Connectivity to existing landline infrastructure[Product Image]

The Enigma technology is also available for landlines - The LineCrypt uses the same cryptographic algorithms and the same CA-issued NetKey card - this allows for secure communication from GSM to GSM, GSM to Landline (and vice versa, and landline to landline, supporting two concurrent secure calls.


Telephone Features


 GSM Dual Band 900/1800 with Data Services


 107 x 46 x 23mm




 Monochrome 128 x 79 + icons with blue backlight

Form factor

 Bar type with external antenna

Travel Charger


Personal Hands Free


Desktop charger


Ringtones Tones

 Single poly

Predictive Text


Battery life

 up to 8 hours talk time, 350 hours standby

Data cable


Cigar/Car charge


Executive leather case


You talk.......Who is really listening?

Security Features

  •  Secure voice communication (Crypto calls)
  •  Also operates as a standard GSM phone (Clear calls, SMS etc)
  •  High performance crypto processor
  •  State-of-the-art audio codec for crypto calls (excellent speech quality)
  •  Integrated Crypto Smart Card Reader (2nd SIM)
  •  Crypto-Module Operating System: TCOS certified to ITSEC E4+
  •  Multi award winning Crypto-SIM certified to ITSEC E4+
  •  True Random Number Generator implemented in Hardware
  •  Asymmetric/Public Key algorithm: RSA
  •  Symmetric algorithm: IDEA
  •  Sim Lock
  •  Call logging and Caller-ID deactivation
  •  Exclusive communication groups using White List
  •  Specific exclusion using Black lists (eg Stolen/Lost handsets)
  •  Closed/Corporate User Group capability
  •  No back doors or escrow keys of any kind
  •  Entire system can be fully verified by customer or other independent body
  •  Ease of use lends itself to all types of users
  •  Inconspicuous design
  •  Can operate with any existing GSM SIM (can keep you current phone number)

Additional Security Tools and Services

  •  Crypto Management software and tools
  •  Certificate creation and management tools (Customer-CA)
  •  Cryptanalysis and verification tools and services.

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