Coastal Surveillance Security System - CSSS

Since 9/11-2001, international terrorism has become a very real risk in many areas of the world. This has added to the security burdens of many countries and requires vigilant watch keeping and intelligence gathering to counter such potential, terror related, attacks. Coastal States therefore face new threats of maritime terrorism and piracy that may endanger normal commercial operations within their waters and the economy of the country as a whole.


The monitoring and control of shipping within a country's maritime territory requires careful management to ensure that safe, innocent passage is maintained and that national security is protected. The legitimate commercial activities of a nation state may be threatened by activities such as illegal immigration, smuggling and illegal fishing.

In these circumstances it is important to be able to monitor all vessel activity and to control enforcement assets, such as customs and coastguard vessels, to ensure that threats to national sovereignty are reduced and that illegal incursions are prevented. Similarly, coastal surveillance radar will assist in the co-ordination of Search and Rescue incidents, thereby ensuring that the incident is managed effectively and that loss of life is minimised.

Saffire’s expertise in Target Detection, Location and Tracking and Command Information Systems is recognised by Governments across the world and combines to provide the core elements of a Coastal Surveillance System.

Coastal Surveillance Security Systems (CSSS) provide a means of detecting and tracking vessel activity within the coastal zone. However, the selection of the right solution for each particular application requires specialist expertise to ensure that the detection and tracking properties of the system are appropriate for the threat targets relevant to that case.

In addition, integration with other sensors and systems will enable the authorities to generate a detailed situational awareness picture of all maritime activity within their waters. A radar-based, Coastal Surveillance Security System is therefore an important tool of a fully Integrated Maritime Solution and a Recognised Maritime Picture that will enable the relevant authorities to make the right tactical decisions regarding activity and incidents in the area.

The SAFFIRE system provides the data processing and operator functionality required of a modern Coastal Surveillance System. It employs the latest digital techniques whilst preserving the traditional quality that radar operators expect.

Today's technology has produced a sophisticated processing platform that is both flexible and economic. SAFFIRE exploits this advanced technology to provide leading edge solutions to CSSS security requirements. All levels of CSSS implementation are supported though the SAFFIRE technology, from small single radar and single workstation systems to large multi-radar, multi-sensor system with a distributed network of operator workstations and servers in multiple locations.


The provision of a Maritime Surveillance solution to manage and control shipping within coastal waters, narrow fairways and port approaches is a key element of a competent authority's strategy for ensuring coastal security, safety of life and environmental protection within the area. As technology develops, so new techniques become available that can assist both the CSSS operator and the Master Mariner to achieve safe navigation.

SAFFIRE is based upon the latest technology and its design is truly modular. This enables the system to be upgraded with new facilities by simply loading the additional application software. The Saffire team has considerable experience in the design of system solutions that are in line with customer requirements and, through independence from any hardware suppliers, will always ensure that the right sensors and hardware platforms are provided.


SAFFIRE CSSS includes, but is not limited to, the following operator functionality:

  • Remote radar control and status reporting
  • Multiple radar display at each command & control (C&C) workstation
  • Sophisticated target tracking algorithms
  • Transponder data integration
  • Sensor correlation
  • Buoy and Anchor-watch monitoring and alarms
  • Collision Avoidance monitoring and alarms
  • Tidal sensor integration
  • Accurate masking of land based radar

All of which are essential to detect and thwart maritime threats.


Our core business is specialist asset tracking and monitoring solutions for a variety of applications worldwide and the company is a world leader in EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) Shipping Management Solutions.

The provision of an Integrated Maritime Surveillance solution is a significant investment for coastal authorities, ports or for offshore mining companies.
The selected systems must therefore provide continuous and reliable operation for many years whilst being able to adapt to future changing requirements. The selection of a supplier that can provide the comprehensive level of support required throughout the lifetime of the system is therefore a critical concern.

The Saffire team is financially stable and competent in handling of projects ranging from a few hundred thousand to £35m, and has a proven track record in the supply of integrated systems. SAFFIRE is a proven surveillance system and has been operational with many clients for many years. Saffire provides continued, highly regarded, support for your maritime surveillance investment to ensure high levels of security at all times.

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