Bloodhound is a fully portable, acoustically stimulated, wired microphone detection system developed by government engineers.
It operates by detecting the audio signal from a microphone and subjecting it to high amplification with elaborate filtering to remove extraneous noise.
The system has two modes of operation: a covert (or passive) and an overt (or active) mode.

In covert mode, the operator uses the filter and headset units to listen for room noises as detected by the eavesdropping microphone. A properly conducted covert search can be carried out in an environment with staff present and will not alert the listening post.

In the overt mode, a power amplifier is added to the system. If the probe detects a microphone, the system goes into acoustic feedback and a characteristic howl is produced.

Primary detection capabilities

  • Amplified wired microphone systems where the microphone is wired directly to a listening post.
  • Audio attack on telephone systems.
  • Audio presence on cables.

Secondary capabilities

  • Detection of radio microphone.
  • Detection of tape recorder attacks.
  • Detection of video camera surveillance.
  • General purpose amplification of noisy or weak signals.
  • Cable tracing.

System components

  • Probe and antenna.
  • Belt worn filter.
  • High quality headset.
  • Power amplifier.
  • Test sound source.
  • Robust transit case.

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